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Notarization is required for important legal documents. Documents pertaining to divorce, for example, must be notarized. In some areas, automobile bills of sale are required to be notarized. While a promissory note is not required to be notarized, it will almost definitely be simpler to enforce if the signatures are notarized. Get your legal documents notarized at Greater Orlando Personal & Business Solutions.

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There are several reasons to trust our notary service with your documents.


Our notaries are knowledgeable and experienced. They're ready to walk you through the notarization process.


We use a 2-step verification process to ensure the safety and legitimacy of every notarization.


Provide Not only the highest quality but also provide the service at affordable prices.


Our notaries have all been verified and qualified. Never be concerned about misplacing critical documents again.

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Notarization in the USA

Why do you need to be
Notarized your documents?

Certain documents, to be legally binding, must be notarized. State governments have judged it necessary to recruit a skilled professional to help execute legal papers that must be notarized due to the inherent formal and corresponding significance of this topic. Following his or her official appointment, a "notary public" serves in a quasi-public capacity.

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